Merry Christmas


Dear Viewers,

I would just like to wish all of you on behalf of everybody a very Merry Christmas. Hopefully your art-crazy wishes are fulfilled just like ours. Christmas is not about gifts. It is about capturing the essence of family, love and so much more. Just like I capture the essence of art. All I do is show it to you. All you need to do for Christmas is be thankful. To your family. To your friends. To the god you pray to. Because I believe Christmas is about what you feel not what you get. So hopefully you feel very merry and jolly this Christmas. Eat cookies. Share gifts (Even though it is not the main focus of Christmas). Sing carols. Just be happy

Merry Christmas!



Hi guys!

I would totally recommend the Mine2Design beading kit. It is fun, cool and have you seen the beads in there? They are absolutely wonderful!

Come back at’cha

It’s been a while


Hello old friends,

It’s been a while. I just wanted to inform you guys that the theme for December is…………………..


What’s cool about beads other than jewelry making?

November 28 will be the starting of this awesome theme.

Hang in there

Confusion clear-up


Many of you might be wondering why I am posting random things like quotes on being happy and cool baking things. You might not know it but these are all arts. It takes a great person to be happy and to make such beauty on food??? You are simply making art on food and making art out of life by being happy. Everyhing is art! Look around. Focus. Do you not see the wondrous things of art. Every small detail is art. Life is art!

On such a general blog like this, it is hard to stick with one topic when there is so much art around us. 

I hope you find the beauty and art in everything and make the most of your life

Have a great day! 




I want to see who will recognize and identify this man the fastest. If you know who this man is and what he did to make him so famous….you could win the contest! 

Just comment down below!!!